How To Get a Loan With Bad Credit

Bad credit history is truly a pain and is a big no when you’re trying to get approval for a loan. But don’t worry, you still have a chance.

Loan Application Denied Stamp Showing Credit RejectedYou made a mistake. You didn’t manage to pay your credit card loans on time, you exceeded your card limit. You bought too much with such a small amount of money that you have. You’ve been irresponsible on how you handle your finances and the results are drastically reflected on your credit. Because of your bad credit history, loan lenders no longer trust you in borrowing their money. You know your best option would be probably to improve your credit score – but this is a long term process and you need this money right now…


What to do now?

You have probably tried a lot of things – you tried to ask friends or family members, your bank or maybe peer-to-peer lenders. We are 99% sure you failed. Peer-to-peer lenders nor banks will give you a loan if your credit is bad. Family or friends – yeah you know the story….

Still there is a way how to get a loan even with bad credit score. There are online companies that work with several proven lenders and that will find the best lender for you based on the info you fill during registration (your income, age, job, etc.). We have tested several of them, but Zippy Loan was clearly the best one.

What makes Zippy Loan so different?

  • It has solution for EVERY credit score
  • You can ask for a personal loan between $100 – $15,000
  • Application takes 5 minutes
  • You will get your money the next business day
  • It cooperates with highest number of different lenders
  • It is accredited by OLA (Online Lenders Alliance) so 100% safe & secure


Get Approved With Zippy Loan In 5 Minutes


Because it cooperates with so many different lenders, you simply always find best possible conditions for your current situation.